The Slow Season

The Slow Season

This past year has been one of the most difficult times in my life. Being sick for months and months and not really knowing why can really wear on you. The title of my website is the Joy in the Journey, and to be honest their have been times in the past year where I have found it difficult to find joy. I am thankful for my supportive family for encouraging me on the dark days. But most of all, I am thankful to the faithfulness of the Lord and his Word for getting me through each day.

After months of poking, pricking and testing, we finally have some answers…I am allergic to mold! Now living here in the sunny south with humidity and rain, mold can be a common a occurrence, but the culprit seems to be our 22 month old HVAC that was not installed properly. We have replaced the system and are thoroughly cleaning the house, but it will still take some time for my energy to return.

I what to share what I have learned from this experience…

1) I have more compassion for the chronically ill. I know so many are out there suffering and not saying a word about their condition. You just might be the bright spot in their day. An older lady from church faithfully send me cards of encouragement. A few other friends have texted or called on a regular basis…some days that’s what kept me going.

2) What a gift it has been to spend so much time in God’s Word and in prayer without distractions. I have had hours, days and weeks to do just that.

3) I have had time for rest and reflection. I have spent a good amount of time just resting and thinking about what really matters in life. Again, having uninterrupted time to do this has been a gift.

As this slow season is hopefully coming to an end, I hope to be back here posting more regularly. I want to take this experience to encourage others who are going through hard days.

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  1. Kelly I’m so sorry to hear you’ve been sick for a year. I’ve been very distracted or would have realized I wasn’t seeing regular posts from you. Please forgive me for not checking on you! It’s late in time, but can I do anything for you? We will be praying for your strength to return quickly! Love you ❤

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