Are You Captivated?

Are You Captivated?


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Our  family recently watched the documentary Captivated again. Wow! I was convicted. Even though we aren’t big TV or movie watchers, I do have a iPhone and check my email, Facebook and text when I am on the go. I have gotten used to looking up addresses and phone numbers. I keep my calendar on my phone. It can be a big time saver. Sending out mass emails  takes less time then making individual phone calls. We use the computer for accounting for our business and my children have used it for school projects. In fact, both of my children are  attending college “online”.

OK, so technology can be a good thing, so what’s the big deal? Are you rushing to check the latest status on Facebook? Are you planning the next photo you can take and upload?  How much time do you spend checking you email, Facebook or texts? How much time do you spend watching movies on your TV, computer or phone? What about social networking? Does it really make us connect on a personal level with other people? Are you living in a “virtual reality” that you think you control?

We are such are a “plugged in” society. If we aren’t texting or on the internet, we are hooked up to our iPod’s listening in private. I wonder if we would watch, read or listen to some of the stuff if it wasn’t “private”.

I admit that I do have a Facebook and Instagram account and through it I have made contact with people I haven’t talked to in 20 years or more. It has been fun to see where life has taken them.  But, I can’t live my life on social media, posting my every move and trying to impress others. I really worry about some of the younger “friends” that I have on social media that are posting photos and status’ that they may regret in the future. Don’t fool yourself into thinking it’s private. It’s not!

So what do we do?

Treat your computer as a tool. Don’t become over dependent on using it for research. Maybe you could go to the library and actually check out a book! (Forgive me, I was a librarian once upon a time.) Don’t spend all of your time checking out YouTube videos and realize you have wasted hours of your day. Don’t plug your children into video games or TV programs. Encourage them to play and create without being “plugged in”.

Pornography is a HUGE problem. No longer does someone have to go down to the convenient store and ask for the magazine behind the counter, it is one click away on your computer or smart phone. You MUST be vigilant in protecting you children! Put safeguards on your computer and smart phone. Something might just “pop up” that they really weren’t looking for.

Don’t live your life on social media posting your every move, looking for someone to give you validation by “liking” your status. For Christians, your validation should be coming from Christ. Would you be doing whatever you are doing in his presence?

The bottom line is that we can not let ourselves become a slave to technology. Use it as a tool to help you get things done, but don’t forget their is a hurting world out there that needs the love of Christ shared with them. Make a point to have face to face conversations with people wherever you go. Go out and take a walk with your family without your phone.  Don’t confine yourself to a “virtual reality”. Real life is so much better!

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