Healthy “Fast Food”

Healthy “Fast Food”

Meal planning is a very important part of  managing your household. As a young bride, I could barely cook anything and I certainly did not know much about healthy ingredients. Through the years I have learned lot about artificial preservatives, corn syrup and other not so good things found in our American diets. You really can feed your family “fast” without making a trip through the drive thru. It takes a little planning, but it is well worth the effort. I have found a few short cuts in preparing healthy “fast food” meals for my family…

~ Cook large quantities of chicken in your crockpot. I roast several chicken breasts at a time. (I usually season the chicken with mojo, adobo and garlic). I package them with my Food Saver Vacuum Sealer and freeze them for use in casseroles, soups, tacos, etc.  When I have a busy day I simply defrost and add the cooked chicken to my recipe.

~ I also brown and season ground beef or ground turkey in large batches and freeze it in food saver bags as well. Having the meat already cooked saves so much time! I can make chili, tacos, and casseroles fast!

~ I have an electric pressure cooker that is a big time saver. I can cook beef stew in about an hour. I also cook big batches of rice (it’s takes about 4 minutes!) and freeze it in 1 cup size bags. (I also cook beans in my pressure cooker. No soaking required!) I can easily defrost and add to my recipes.

*A good resource I use for recipes for homemade mixes is Make A Mix. I love this book! I can control the amount preservatives, salt and sugar in a recipe and have mixes on hand for quick meals.

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