Christopher Robin Days

Christopher Robin Days


This past week my youngest child celebrated his 19th birthday. As I was looking through some old photos of him when he was little, I longed for what I call “Christopher Robin Days”. Those were such special times when everyday was an adventure! I loved those days. Hours spent in the sandbox, playing with Legos, building forts in the living room and exploring our backyard.

My children knew that when their chores and schoolwork were done, the day belonged to them. Screen time was limited and “boredom was not an option”. My goal was for them to have a childhood full of imagination and exploration. In the summer time I would ask them what they wanted to learn about and we would check out books from the library and take field trips to explore their interests.

I think it is a little harder these days with screens everywhere you go. I cringe when I see a parent hand a small child a electronic device to keep them quiet. I have seen my own children play for hours with a old piece of water hose and a hiking stick! They had so many “pretend” adventures that they still remember today! Children need to have the opportunity to be creative and move around. They also need to learn self control and occupying them with a screen is just entertaining them, not teaching them to be still when it is appropriate.

I want to encourage all of you mamas who have little ones at your house to savor these days. They will go by so very fast. Take the time to see the world through your children’s eyes. Enjoy your own “Christopher Robin Days”! The sad truth is that they pass way to soon!

Nature Notebooks in the backyard
Hiking Stick Adventures
Working on a project together in our school room

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